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Hi., I got a pc game for christmas- football manager 2005.

However i wanna make a backup copy of the game as i know what im like with cd’s now doubt it will get scratched so i wanna make a copy.

ive tried using nero but it says the disc is copyrighted at 2% and stops the buring process

does anyone know of any software that i can use to get around this problem



DVD Shrink.


dvd shrink wont allow me to even open the fm2005 cd


Then try Decryptor first, then Shrink if needed.


Use clonecd or Alcohol 120%, the later would be the more likely one to get a working back up.

um NO! It’s not a movie.


According to this thread the game is properly protected with safedisc 3.2x.
It might be a good idea to give Alcohol a shot. If your burner isn’t able to deal with this protection, you could play the game from the virtual drive that Alcohol creates. Remember to hide ATIP if you’re playing your backup copy from your burner.

Forget about DVD Shrink, it is used to shrink Video-DVD’s.


Ahh I see i’m to slow :slight_smile: slayerking already answered