Sorry for the lack of visits to this forum

Sorry I haven’t been around I have been unable to sleep for over 72hrs now and I am starting too halucinate :shocked: I had to speak with the practice manager in charge of the surgery I attend to see if they can give me something to help me sleep:D


If you can’t sleep, just stay awake till you fall asleep :wink:

If that doesn’'t work, take your bike for a ride, you’ll sleep like a rose afterwards… :slight_smile:

Ouch…72 hours. Hope you sleep soon.

Nope had to write a letter to the head person at my surgery with a complaint:( So hopefully it will be resolved this week;)


Anything for vomiting? I have not not been posting because every time I look at this forum I vomit? Can anyone help? I love myself too much to keep vomiting. Maybe its the forum, maybe its the week old leftover pizza, hmm…