Sorry for my mistake last post :P/ eh help agian

i cant find the ComboBox tab,
data read setting, audio read setting, error handling
but no combobox - -’

Its not about making a mistake and violating the rules. Its about being truthful and honest. Since your english is a bit off, and if you had for example been trying to say that you were helping your friend make a backup due to the reason that lets say he has no burner, its ok. Just be specific and elaborate on why it is you are making the backup of the game.

If its for a copy for you to have of your own, of someone else’s game, whether it be friend or not, thats not considerd legal and is also a violation of rules here. So elaborate on why, and maybe the moderators will see things differently. I do not want to go ahead and give any advice till they okay it, cause I dont want them mad at me. But if this thread is openby tomorrow mid-day, I will try posting my advice to you.

Originally posted by xtacydima
But if this thread is openby tomorrow mid-day, I will try posting my advice to you.

Well it’s still open… give him your advice. :stuck_out_tongue:

Noticed it was a bit slow with threads recently and wanted to secure myself with time, then got caught up in work. Anyhow, I can suggest a few things.

First off, about your last comment about not being in US or Japan, that is just for the “Hide CDR Media” option in the CCD tray.

Secondly, the place to turn on emulation is once you select the imagefile you want, click next, and you will see a list of profiles. Right click the one you need and you will see a right click menu appear with an edit option. Click on edit and a properties window will pop up. One of the options will be labeled Weak sectors followed by a drop down menu box. In it are options to Ignore, Amplify, or Emulate. Select Emulate and click OK. Then move on to next to finish the routine and try burning the image file.

Thirdly and lastly, you can open Windows explorer and find the CloneCd folder, by default this is under C:\Program Files\CloneCD and look for a sub folder called profiles. I would not advise you to double click this file to open it in the event you have a Borland or any compiler software installed, just open the profile you need in notepad. You will see a line of text that says:
where X is a numer either 0, or 1, or 2
If it is a 2, then leave it, otherwise make it equal 2.
That will set that particular profile to emulate. Then just open clonecd and burn away with the edited profile, you need not do anything else.

About the WinOnCD, if you find it that would help a lot.