Sorry for being impatient - really need help




this is driving me nuts,

have any of you any idea of how to help - or have you experianced the same ?

When i make a multisession cd or dvd in NERO burning, and wants to add a new session choosing “continue multisession”, i can choose if i want the compilation to update automatically.

  1. The compilation is apparantly updated automatically disregarding what i choose. I.e. it has no effect whether i choose “update automatiaclly” or not, the pop-up box prompting me to allow an refresh of the compilation or not is NOT shown. The compilation is always updated.

  2. If i choose “remove deleted files” (from the original directory), the files no longer present in the original directory is shown in NERO with a red cross but they are not removed, i can still see them in explorer after the burn. I can also still see them in the compilation after continuing with the next session on the multi session disc.

3.In NERO Express i cannot even choose whether to update the multisession compilation or not, its always updated. Is there some setting that i have missed ?

Thanks for any advice in advance

Best regards Jorn


Hi there.
You are right, same thing hapens to me.
I was trying Nero demo.
Now tried Nero and same thing!

Already got crazy with adding 1h in filetime stamp
for files created during daylight savings time. Uffff.

Perhaps we should wait for, or 7?
Would appreciate any help, thanks in advance.


HI BadTrack

thanks for your reply - it helps to know that others have the same experiance, i can then stop looking for local sources on my system for this strange behaviour and leave it for NERO to solve (hopefully - v6 is unacceptable buggy, support dont even bother to reply on requests even when using their web questionare stating they guarantee they will reply within 3 businesssdays!)

Best regards Jorn