Sorry double post - dvd audio extractor

will it burn to a cd -r the audio from a dvd?

Hmm? :confused: DVD-Audio holds musics of much better quality than what a cd can hold. If you are going to rip a dvd to a cd, what you end up getting is something that will sound inferior compared to the original unless you aren’t picky in the audio department.

But anyway, although I have never done that myself, theoretically you should be able to do that. All you need to do is extract the musics from that DVD-A to something like PCM files, then burn an audio CD using softwares like Nero. Alternatively, you can go for analog recording which will always work but is quite crude.

dvd audio - will that play on car stereo? or in home stereo system?

That program is made to extract sound tracks to mp3s definately, and wma I believe. It will not extract a true DVD Audio Disk, (DVD Shrink will) Nor will it burn the disks