Sorry, But Your iPhone 4 Just Became Obsolete

At Monday’s WWDC keynote, Apple announced a flurry of fun new features. With OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, your Mac and iPhone are closer than ever, opening the door to the Future of Computing. Too bad iPhone 4 users won’t get to enjoy any of it—and neither will anyone with an even older phone.



4 years of software updates is actually a pretty good life for a Smartphone - It’s certainly a lot longer than what most Android phones get software updates for.

My current HTC One SV which was launched January 2013 is stuck at Android 4.2.2 (released last February), as HTC decided to discontinue releasing software updates for it. Android is now at version 4.4.3. It was similar for my previous Sony Xperia Ray phone that was released August '11 and Sony made no further updates for it after Android 4.04 (released March '12).

For comparison, the iPhone 4 was launched June '10 and its current OS will still be current until Apple releases iOS 8 this fall.

I have to say that’s one of the few benefits I know for owning an iPhone indeed. For keeping Android updates I really love Cyanogenmod. My Galaxtab 2 is on 4.4.3 and even my first Android phone, a LG Optimus 2X is on 4.4.3.

Cyanogenmod compatibility will be something I’ll look out for with my next phone. They cancelled development for my model over its complexity. For example, the speaker doesn’t work in the only alpha release, which kind of defeats the main purpose of a phone. :slight_smile: The one issue I have with my current version (4.2.2) is that it has a poor Bluetooth A2DP implementation, with poor sound quality when used with Bluetooth speakers. This apparently has been improved in Kitkat.

At the time I bought the phone I chose it for LTE (4G) as at the time the operators were all getting ready to launch 4G and this was one of the few phones available at the time in my price range that has LTE support. It turns out I should have ignored all the hype - To date, I’ve only had 4G reception twice since I bought the phone, both times being at Dublin Airport.

So far I haven’t decided what to go for next, but despite Apple’s long software support periods, I’ve no intention of getting an iPhone.