Sorry another SOSW-833S problem

I realise there has been other problems discussed on this forum but I can’t find one that relates to my problem specifically.

I have an Acer laptop which is fitted with a Lite-on Slimtype DVDRW SOSW-833S.

I have had no problems with it but now it is not picking up on any dvd inserted (original or blank).It is picking up on original cd’s (music and software) but not any CDR or RWs.

I thought at first it was a problem with the DVD laser as I believe they are seperate lasers for Cds and DVDs but I can’t understand why it won’t pick up the blank media Cds.

I have updated to the latest firmware ver4 but to no avail.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Sounds like it’s dying…You can try to re-flash it but i doubt that will work. How old is it?

Thanks for your reply.

I have just tried re-flashing it but to no avail.

Unfortunately it is about 2 months outside the 1 year guarantee. This is the annoying thing as I really haven’t used it much in that time.

Have now tried a lens cleaning kit (disc with small brushes on).

It read this DVD fine because it showed a movie while cleaning. Still not playing standard DVDs though.

Noticed strange thing on screen under my computer. The drive shows up as a DVD but side panel says cd drive (see pic here)

Download here

Also in properties in device manager it says disk: cdrom and type DVD (see pic here)

Download here

It can’t decide if it is a dvd or cd or is this normal?


I have used the Microsoft Autoplay Repair wizard and this appears to have solved part of the problem.

Original DVDs now autoplay. Blank DVDs are stil not being recognised.

They are now being picked up in My Computer but they are being read as Cds.

Under My Computer it changes from DVD drive to CD Drive(E: ) when I insert a blank DVD.

AnyDVD says disc not present and CopytoDVD won’t write files to the disc.

Please can anyone help. This is driving me mad.

Sorry, I’m new. I think I have got a problem similar to yours, so I would ask how you have solved it.
I have a Packard Bell R2125 laptop and when burning a rewritable CD with my Lite-on SOSW-833s it stopped and was no more able to read or write CDs, while it still works properly with DVDs. Now I was thinking to replace it but it is not so cheap (~80Euro + shipping) and I have seen that someone thinks it is the worst on the planet! Is there any other cd/dvd dual layer burner that I can buy for a similar or cheaper price and that is easy to install on my laptop with Win XP and Linux Ubuntu?
Many thanks for your help/suggestions!

This one is one i have been looking to get. Not sure where to tell you to get one there though >

If you are running Windows XP, a blank DVD will show as a CD. That is a quirk in windows.