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Ive had a look around and i cant seem to find the right thread to answer my question. Ive used DVDFab to get my dvd onto my hard drive. When i locate the files they are in a video_ts folder, and within that there are a number of files ending with a .vob or another one which i cant remember. I`m trying to use IMG Burn to put the DVD onto blank disc, but when i open IMG Burn and locate the files, which file or file out of the video_ts folder do i need to chooes?? there is probably a step by step guide on here somewhere, and i did try looking before i posted this thread but couldnt find one. Thanks in advance!!

Hi patience, and welcome.

I guess my first question is, why do you want to burn with Img? Img is a very useful burn utility, but it’s not going to work for you in the manner that you describe. Img is configured to burn from an ISO file and it looks for an MDS file to accomplish this. Fab is configured to rip in file mode, not ISO. It’s possible to convert the files in Fab to ISO files but this seems like the long way around… :confused:
Exactly what Fab application did you rip with? If you could provide some details as to how and what you’re ripping and why you need to burn with Img, it would be helpful and we’ll be happy to try to help.

You could use DVD Shrink to convert them to a iso. file and then burn with IMGBurn.
IMGBurn will not see vob, ifo or bup files.
Hi maineman!

DVDShrink should be able to help compress> Then burn with Nero