Sorry about no "tomorrows sales" post

Sorry about not posting the tommorows sales on saturday (I know some of you look foward to it). I came home from work ready to post and the first thing the wife says is whats wrong with the computer. Turns out the power supply failed (thats what I get for using a generic power supply from frys that was 10$ after rebate, even if it did claim to be 450 watts). So I pulled the antec sl400 from my main computer (that I do not conect to the internet) and put it in. It started right back up but windows is corupted and the mouse is dead (so I have to wonder if the motherboard is damaged). So I put the antec back in my main computer and then guess what my dumb ass does? I start the computer with the cpu fan disconected (actually I pluged it into the wrong conector). So the cpu gets too hot and my abit mother board shuts it down (I hope it managed to shut it down before the cpu got damaged). So I find the problem and restart, and what do you know, windows is now corupt on that computer too!!! So now I’m running on my old pos emachines celeron 900mhz (painfully slow) while I fix the other two.
So I’ll be back posting the sales again next saturday. Sorry to those of you that were looking foward to it.

Ouch mate, hope the PCs are fine.

Ouchee, hope they both turn out ok.

BTW we have all done similar things :o

LOL ripit… I think is all our fault since we’re waiting for your sale post and I know youre doing those things in a hurry so you can post for us… lol… and sorry to hear that.

ripit: sorry to hear bout your puters. i did miss the posts tho. but on the bright side, you can now get that new amd64 proc and mobo. thro in a couple sata 400gb maxtors, viola, your back in business.

I’m not sure of the condition of the cpu’s and motherboards yet but if any of it does turn out to be fried, I may have to consider getting an athlon 64 cpu and motherboard. It might have to wait a little while though. I’m a little short on cash An I already know bare minimum I need to replace a power supply. I’m gonna buy something decent this time (I defanatlly learned my lesson). I have my old emachines celeron 900mhz working and conected to the internet right now. It works but it is painfully slow. If one of the rigs is not up and running by next saturday I can use this one to post.

I will usually post the Best Buy DVD deals. I get that ad in the Saturday morning paper, but of course this is just to supplement your post :slight_smile:

ripit and EagleClaw working together, sounds great!

we should donate him a few $ to get things going

Yo ripit-

All that $hit - and a baby on the way to boot - eh!!

I feel yur pain Bra-


YAY! :iagree:

I think that is’s a pretty good idea to have diffrent people contributing to it if you get advanced notice about sales. My local paper sometimes doesn’t have all the adds even though the stores are running adds (and then other weeks it has all of them). I figure whoever posts first on saturday, name it tomorows sales. If it is already thier, I’ll add to it or if I post first, feel free to add to mine. The ads that may or may not be avalable to me each week are fry’s, office depot, office max, staples, best buy, circuit city and compusa. I usally don’t get the friday frys add (thats thier big add) but thier are not that many fry’s stores so I figure most of you don’t care about that.

sorry to hear about your PC troubles, ripit…good luck gettin’ it all sorted.

Not sure if this is the appropriate place to keep talking about this but I managed to repair the windows instalation and it seems to be working. My raid card was stoping it from booting so it may be fried and it killed a usb mouse so it must have sent a voltage spike through the mother board. I’m amazed that it works but I’m still not convinced that I’m not goind to find other stuff that doesn’t work right. Now to work on the other computer since this one seems to be working alright for now.