Sopranos woes

I have been trying to back up the Sopranos Season 5 discs. I have tried several times, and although the copy and burn process seems to go ok, I have problems with playback. The playback has freeze ups and skips around.
I am running the latest AnyDVD (v. and I have tried to copy with 1Click DVD 5 (registered version, and with CloneDVD 2 (registered version My recording device is a Sony DVD ±RW DW560A on a Dell Inspiron 8600. My playback device is a Sony RDR-GX300.
I recall that I had similar problems with Sopranos Season 3 discs a while back, and gave up on it.
Any ideas?

Followup: I should have included that my media is Fuji -R, purchased in 100-disc spindle at Sam’s Club.

do you know what the media code is?

in the future try to stick to verbatim, as they are the most reliable brand name you can buy. If you can try to get some taiyo yudens

Good advice, haveacigar. I went out and got some Verbatim discs and they worked great. I don’t know the media code of the Fuji discs (is that the stuff printed on the inside rim?). The reason I was using Fuji is I thought I read somewhere that [I]they[/I] were the best, except for they taiyo yudens. Although I have had few problems iwth the Fujis for movies, they clearly have difficulties with episodic discs. Thanks very much!