'Sopranos' episodes leaked on Net - new victory for pirates?

I just posted the article ‘Sopranos’ episodes leaked on Net - new victory for pirates?.

Some weeks ago we told you about rumours that The Two Towers, the new Lord Of The Rings movie, was leaked online. Later it turned out to be a hoax, but today we can tell you about something similar…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4582-Sopranos-episodes-leaked-on-Net---new-victory-for-pirates.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4582-Sopranos-episodes-leaked-on-Net---new-victory-for-pirates.html)

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I download Enterprise the night before it airs… I have been doing this since about mid-first season. No real reason other than my cable service (until tomorrow) does not provide UPN in its cable package

“Four episodes of the popular sitcom the Sopranos have been leaked.” Sitcom?? Have you actually seen the Sopranos? Go download one, and see how funny it is :4

everything is leaking through - I just heard J. Lopez will release her new album earlier, because a new single has leaked, which isn’t even in sale yet

it is a very very complicated process to downloadstuff from newsgroups…

yep, its an esoteric process compared to p2p but once someone that uses both newsgroups and p2p then the files will be shared with everyone that can switch on kazaa

The newsgroups are the best place to find what you want. Unlike P2P, where someone loser will knock you off just as you almost have the file(s) you want. It’s the easiest thing to use and has been around before Al Gore “invented” the Internet. If you’re associated with a “group”. you can have the stuff a few days/weeks before it hits news groups or P2P

P2P and newsgroups are both pretty lame, but whatever floats your boat. The eps have been available since August 27th.

I prefer ftp’s but for not having to deal with users it beats most of the other methods, especially IRC. Example: UT2003 hit the net Friday late night. Within 2 hours it was completely posted to the newsgroups. Use a program like NewsBin Pro and it’ll download the files. Unrar and burn. Sad how easy it is. Still had to buy this game, want to play online.

I have to disagree - newsgroups are the best source for COMPLETE and CORRECT files. I can’t count the number of times i’ve tried to get something through p2p networks that’s either not what the filename says it is, is corrupt, or get cut off before it’s completed. Newsgroups difficult to use? Nah, that’s hogwash. Download a copy of Xnews and if you can’t figure it out within about an hour after installing it, you don’t belong on a computer. :slight_smile: Xnews does ALL the work for you except taging the files you need and hitting ‘decode’ - from there, if you know how to use WinRAR, you’re in business. Bottom line, newsgroups (if you have a good news provider) are WAY better than p2p networks for everything, including mp3’s.