Soooo Coolld!

0 degrees.

10 degrees celsius here @ my home-region - it’s like christmas in spring… :frowning:

i wish it would be colder…

Here it doesnt get that cold, it just rains :frowning:

Too true, I HATE RAIN!!!

Here it is kut weather… But i don’t care… tomorrow i’m in Austria and there’s snow :slight_smile:

Have fun boarding.I’m going tomorrow. :iagree:

Yesterday was a big storm, -35 with snow and freezing rain

here right now it’s -20, with the wind factor, it feels like -31, fucking cold…

Here it’s a few degrees below zero, I had to scratch my car … it was totally covered with ice. :iagree:

14 years old and using such words.
Go wash your mouth. :wink: :bigsmile:

Enjoy boarding. :iagree: