Sooo lost

I am planning on buying a 3500a in the next few days since everyone is saying it has the best burn quality around. Plus i have been apart of the liteon modding community for sometime now, and would of course like to mod my nec. But i am so lost. Could someone please explain the available firmwares? This could also work a noob thread as well. I went through you other 5 sticky’s and they don’t provide any real noob information.

Basically like, which firmwares are recommended for which drives, what these numbers mean (cd-r 1.21, cd-rw 1.22,etc), the basic lango (ie riplock, rpc1/2, etc), and give some recommendations on firmwares that you have some experience on. stuff like that. after looking though the forum, a lot of people are asking these questions.

So why don’t you just use one of these threads for your questions instead of creating a new one with a topic that doesn’t really show what it’s all about?

Thread closed.