Soon we will know; linking illegal?

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Source: Cnet

While music-swapping company Napster grabs headlines with its legal fight against the record industry, smaller is pursuing its own court battle that could have…

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So, why do you care anyway. CD Freaks doesn’t seem to care anymore about the warez scene since they’ve become a big site, even the sponsor banner is gone , no more dealer pages to no forem. I wonder…got chicken ??? The warez scene is more than just putting " who got busted news on the board !!!"

beter gezegd in het Nederlands…WATJES !!!

Larek: reactions in English please :-0
And the reason that the banner is down is actually very simple…we had a deal for 1 month and it has been online for a month or 2 so time to take it down.
dealer pages / dealer forum: use the ‘Dealer Forum’ link in the Quick Links section on the left of your screen…look first then start bragging…

that is a answer were you can
do nothing about …

ZiSE has it just right

Becouse there is MORE information on the site
the have to addit some more
links… it’s just as easy
as one and one is two…


In Sweden it´s already done in court. It´s not illegal to link to other MP3 sites.

If i was to meet a burgler, and he asked me the way to the bank. Supose i would point him/her in to the right direction, would i be doing sommeting illegal?

NO. I can’t help it if somebody wants to rob it. )

Links are the same.
You know what is behind it if you click it.
So if you don’t want to do somethig “illegal” like downloding an mp3 (or more ). DON’T GO THERE.

It is not the one that puts up te link but the person who clicks it that is responsable for his/her own action.

So srew the f**ckers in court.

“It is not the one that puts up te link but the person who clicks it that is responsable for his/her own action.”

That’s an interesting quote, but when I put up a link and I call it “download my latest Fotoflop shareware program” and it’s linked to a ripped Photoshop version is the one who clicks the link guilty or am I guilty?

Not the same thing.
If you dwld an mp3 and you don’t have the original… your it. Nothing is said about misleading a person to dwld something.