Soon to come: DVD 1:1 copy software - if they win the case

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321 Studios is set to release a product that it claims will allow consumers to make perfect copies of their DVDs. The software maker plans to release on October 31 a product called DVD X Copy,…

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Lol i wonder how they want to get 7/8gig of data on a 4,5gig disc no way in the world thats possible with out ripping out the extra`s,the audio tracks,subs enz,And still you have movies who still wont fit on a 4,5 dvdr so then its downsample time so i think this not a realistic product.

Perhaps it’ll split the data to fit on 2 or more DVDs. If it does it intelligently, it would work ok.

I would fell much better if olli with his elby company would take this job he is much more "elaborate"ed in 1to1 cloning software (I think you know what I mean;) Gräfdig

I’d say that copying DVDs over 4.7GB just requires a double sided DVD-R. Before dual layer DVDs became popular a while back, you use to flip over the DVD half way through the movie. Titanic was an example of an early DVD that was double sided; although I’m pretty sure there were some single sided dual layer versions released :d

Maybe they can do what they did with cd’s and bump up the capacity. Although i dont think they could get it to 7 or 8 gigs like what is needed for some movies. Hopefully they will release dual layer dvdr’s :4

If 1:1 DVD copy software comes this will be great. It pisses me off that it would be struggling with legal battles. Why don’t guns have legal problems. And why don’t the big manufacturing plants that can produce thousands of copies of DVDs have legal battles. Once again Hollywood is just worrying more about regulating the little guy than the big professional pirates. They should be worrying more about regulating the big guys that are the real harm to their profit.

Hmmm, let me see there DVD to CDR software was just mostly freeware software and guides with missleading advertisments. So I would not be supprised if this were just IFOEdit plus some other software and some guides. General use drives can not write encrypted DVD’s… Besides wouldn’t you rather have a copy that is macrovison free, region free and that you can skip FBI warnings, etc.

Wouldn’t that be something if they said it was illegal. Your allowed to sell guns that can kill people but dear God, whatever you do, don’t sell that DVD copy software.

:frowning: What is everyone’s problem with guns? Selling guns doesn’t create crime and murders. That’s the result of poor social and economic situations. Besides, we need guns to protect ourselves from government mercenaries who will raid our sacred homes at the will of corporate conglomerates. Copyright laws haven gotten out of control. Remember that they were first created to protect an artist from having others claim his/her work as their own. Works of art, whether literature, film, or music, can better benefit society when they are freely shared.

I see that point, it’s not like I’m anti gun. It just seems with the new laws the only ones that have guns are the people that don’t need them. Like this MD sniper going out killing random people. I know guns don’t commit crimes. People commit crimes. But the point I’m really trying to make is software doesn’t commit crimes either. The user of the software, or MOD chip or whatever it is, is the one that commits the crime. All I’m saying is what kind of world do we live in when we try to ban software to save companies money but don’t bother banning guns to save peoples lives. I know guns aren’t the problem, but if all guns were banned, it would still save lives. But that’s not as important as money I suppose.

And what is the purpose of dvd decrypter ?? How do you call the principle of create an ISO image of a dvd and burn it ? I call that “to create “bit-for-bit” dvd copie” :slight_smile:

The ISO’s DVD Decrypter creates are not bit for bit… It decrypts the DVD, hence the name. A bit for bit copy would still be encrypted, have region encoding, etc.