Soon legal to tab Citizens



I just posted the article Soon legal to tab Citizens.

The European Counsil, USA, Canada and Japan is soon to vote for the new Cyber Crime Law.

Hackertools will be illegal and police investigations on your computer, ISP loging costumers E-mail, and…

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Reminds me of a book 1984 BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING US!!!


Try running a spell checker through your story before you publish. It is full of spelling mistakes.


Who gives a damn Badtobone? It’s the story that’s the main concearn! DUH!


Yo, corrected spelling already, but who gives a f*ck on (or is it about) the spelling? It’s all about the information isn’t it? Well; George Orwell, 1984 has almost become true (not very good in the English tenses). Grtz JP.