Soon all virtual and copying programs will be absolete

more and more companys will use starforce 3 and VSo and alcohol will become useless then wat? VSO why aren’t u working on a way?

you forget the king clonecd in the list…

Hes talking about Starforce 3, CloneCD is still stuck on Securom, so they are a long way from Starforce

How do you know they arent working on that? They probable are and the people working on this knows what they are doing. Just have patience if it was easy we would already have a way to do it, the future may bring backups, many backups :slight_smile:

i sent an email to them they said they aren’t and probably won’t

so, what you’re saying is i should buy starforce stock. (sells all his Tages stock) .

say … why aren’t YOU working on it ?