Soon All PC Games Will Be on DVD CDROM May die out

There has been no official anouncement, but with the current trend its only invetitable.

Games all recently out on DVD:

UT 2004
Splinter Cell 2
and forth-commin Doom 3 (but may also be CD version, 6 CDs)

If this is true then DVD burners are gonna increase and become much more specialised. I hear there is a dual DVD burner out, can write up to 7 or 8GB on one side, like Retail CDs.

Sam 8)

Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow is not on DVD. It’s 3 CD in North America.

I do believe reading an article on cnn that said doom 3 wasn’t going to be on dvd because it costed two much to master a cd and dvd vesion though. Not 100% sure, but about 99%.


yeah doom 3 is only on cd

As I understand it, a single layer DVD is still pretty darned cheap. (Many cheapos out there just make really crappy encodes so they can fit on a single layer. Then there are the series type things which will do this so you only get about 3-4 eps on one disc and have to buy a huge disc set which is supposedly more expensive just because it has a lot of discs. Probably cheaper if they threw 4x the number of eps on dual layers discs, but less profit trickery that way.) Maybe there are some sort of licensing issues involved that increases costs. I’m not sure. I admit though, there’s cost involved in making BOTH at the same time.

What this means is that it may still be possible that in the not so far future they will still take over. It is definitely a lot more trouble to split up the installation into a bunch of seperate cds versus just throwing it all together on one DVD (or, in the not too very far off future, multiple DVDs…) At this point, a DVD-ROM costs very little more than a CD-ROM (even at walmart you can get a DVD-ROM for about $45.) Heck, DVDRW drives have been under $100 a while. It won’t be long before it becomes standard for a modern computer to have at least a DVD-ROM IMO. That’s the biggest problem in the way right now, the fact that it’s not popular enough just yet to be considered “standard.” Right now if they make something DVD only, there will always be a small group that won’t buy the game or will pester the heck out of tech support then return it because they still have a CD-ROM or CDRW drive.