Sony's new ad mocks Wii, Xbox 360

Sony’s new ad mocks Wii, Xbox 360.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A week after publicly unveiling its PlayStation 3 Move motion controller at GDC, Sony has launch a new ad attacking the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii game consoles.

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Umm that last sentence there… the original PS3 remote already had motion sensing it. They never utilized it that much. I think the Downloadable ps3 bowling game used it, as did other games, but in arcade moment segments.

I think this will hurt Nintendo in the next gen. Nintendo’s big thing was the motion controller. The Wii itself has the technology of a last gen console, so the only thing that made it interesting was the controller.

I think Nintendo will have a hard time moving the Wii 2, if they go the old tech route again, since Microsoft/Sony will be using motion tech from now on, with better consoles.

A problem… this device need the EyeToy2, and if as me i have the console at 3 Meter of distance to the TV FullHD… the EyeToy2 have a 3m…USB Cable ?

If you can’t beat them, join them… I’ll add, we had the Wii since it came out in Winter 2006/07… We recently got a PS3 and love it. I guess my oldest daughter has outgrown the cuteness of the Wii. That said, we are looking forward to the Mario Kart clone the PS3 has coming that lets you design your own track… Think it is called ModNation Racer. My seven year old loves to play “Little Big Planet”… and me, the sports fan, I am enjoying EA NHL 10 and MLB 10 The Show.

The Wii will always be the pre eminent console of choice for people with young families and I don’t see either Sony or Microsoft’s X-Box ever really challenging them in that market.

Nintendo’s always had some of the greatest games going too and game play shades graphic superiority every day of the week, nerds and geeks aside.