Sony's laptop screen film makes notebooks 3D with no glasses required

Sony’s laptop screen film makes notebooks 3D with no glasses required.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The IFA show in Berlin last week was a very busy show and Sony was not to be left out of the action. The company showed off a new film that could be added to a laptop screen to give the machine no-glasses 3D.

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Now we’re talking! I would be more interested in 3D if I didn’t have to wear glasses. I wear my own glasses already, which bug me every day, and having to worry about wearing another pair that are usually bigger and weigh more, not to forget that I can’t wear my regular glasses while wearing the 3D ones, so this kind of solution would be nice. Similar to the Toshiba solution, a camera that tracks the faces of people who are watching the screen and software to adjust the picture as necessary - this is the kind of innovation that people are looking for. Now, when/if the price comes down on some of these things, I may actually purchase one or more of these solutions.

I think this laptop add-on solution for no glasses 3D is brilliant! Sony would have a hot product on their hands if they sell this in the US at a decent price point.

Anything applied over an existing display reduces the quality of the display. Even on displays that have it done at the manufacturing stage. Anyone who has seen anti-glare screen protectors for tablets and smartphones will know this. Get ready for even more sparklies, light loss and other artefacts.

It’s quite dear too.

You can buy an entire good quality monitor for less.

If they built this into the laptop though then it might be a better quality and more economically viable option.