Sony's DVD-R Disc's aren't playing on other Model DVD players

I’ve just purchased a Sony DVD Recorder, Model# RDR-VX535. So far it works well, yet the recorded DVD’s will only play back on the Sony unit; not any other model DVD player. :bow:

Could a specific recording format resolve this issue?
A resolve is greatly appreciated.


Hello and welcome, I’m not sure that this is the best forum for your query so a Moderator should hopefully move you over to a more appropriate place.

First of all, I’m not really specifically experienced with your model of recorder, but here’s a general hint or two:
Are you recording to record-once media (i.e. DVD+R/DVD-R)? And if so, have you [B]Finalized [/B]the discs? Most DVD Recorders have a Finalize option which prevents you writing more to the disc, but writes the appropriate menu and file structures for other players to recognise the disc. i.e. it makes it into a DVD. Before that, it tends to store its data in the outer tracks in a format which is specific to the recorder - so the recorder can understand but it’s not DVD compliant.

If you’re using DVD-RW, then you must finalize the disc before it can be played, however, not all players like rewritable discs, so keep that in mind. If you’re using DVD+RW, you will usually not have the option to finalize the disc, but it usually is playable in some players, depending on how the player likes it. Unfortunately using RW media may mean that the recorder chooses to write the disc not as a standard DVD but as a DVD VR (i.e. Video Record) type disc which some players may not understand. The advantage is better interchangeability and easier editing, but sometimes it can confuse players.