Sony's Copy Protection Vulnerability Issue

Recently the public has been shocked by the statements from some antivirus companies about a protection fault used by different Trojan programs to intrude and disguise malicious activity on the user’s PC. The protection fault was caused by protection system from Sony.

Panda, for instance, posted a full report on the issue.

Notice, that music CDs copy protection is in focus here.

However, the gaming copy protection system from Sony also known as Securom has the same drawback. Some enthusiasts managed to apply cheats using this Sony vulnerability issue in World of Warcraft.

Some links for more info:…tal-rights.html,2933,175188,00.html

any program has the same drawback, not just any securom games… did you actually read the article you linked to ( one?) it explains how the exploit was done, it can be done on any system with the driver active, the fact that world of warcraft is securom protected is a moot point… So stating securom has the same drawback is somewhat inaccurate, securom != sony bmg, sure they’re owned by the same parent company but i think thats where the similarities stop