Sony's at KMart

I found 6 packs of Sony MIJ’s the next town over. 2 of them were 16x and were D21 instead of the Yuden T02 8x’s. Who is making the D21’s for them?

Sony makes its own media for the D21 and D08

D21 burns excellent for me. I refuse to give Sony any more money though.

At what price?.

7.99 is the price you may find some 8x but most will probably be 16x. These 16x I found were made in japan D21 and they burn better for me than thhe D21 i bought that were made in Tawain.

There was a sighting of Sony 16X+ media MIJ that were Yuden000-T03-000. The spindle has a white octogon shaped spacer.

Yeah I looked for some but did not find any a couple of weeks ago i bought two spindles of Sony 16x -R at Best Buy that were tayo yuden also had the octagon spacer.

How long the sale would last?, may be until this Sunday.

Paper says until the 20th. These D21’s have a paper thin round white paper over the speeds. Easy to find the Yuden’s, there the only ones with the teal colored speeds printed on the inner ring.

Sony D21: These are the MID codes of the Sony +1x-16x. This MID code is on both Japanese and Taiwanese spindles. Pretty Decent.They don’t scan as well as the Yuden000-T02 8x speed fuji and sony.

Yuden000-T03 are just now showing up in some of the Japanese spindles of sony +1x-16x. Hopefully fuji follows suit with using Yuden000-T03.

The white/hexagon spacer theory works very well with sony. I’m not sure about fuji. Fuji are a lot harder to come by for me in my area.

Negative! I picked up a 15 pack of 16X MIJ with White octagon and they scan as D21 as well. Looks like another crap shoot to chase after.

I’d expect nothing less from all these retailers. The ‘media’ world is very frustrating. Think I might stop the chasing and just start ordering TY media from online myself.

It’s well worth it IMHO (to order the unbranded TY online) unless you are going with one of the Verbatim specials.