Sony's at K-Mart

Anybody know anything about the Sony DVD +/- R’s at K-Mart? $13.00 for 25. May not be that good of a deal by volume, but volume not that important to me if they are good discs. Using Optorite DD0401. Thanks,

Could be Sony, MCC, Ricoh, Philips. Impossible to tell without more information. If you want a sure thing get TY from Meritline. $26 for 100.

The 8x DVD+R in 25 pak that I have are SONYD11.
Very good on my burners.
I haven’t tried the DVD-R as they only have the 4x locally.

Yeah, saw these today when I was picking up an mp3 walkman. Most likely sony or ricoh MID. I held off until I went to staples and got the cheap staples DVD+Rs, 25 for $9, which turned out to give fantastic results, from what I’ve seen so far.

Very nice scans! Nice catch.