sonyDRU 820A trouble

guys i have a SONY DVD writer model SONY DRU-820A… the hardware is highly unstable since the date i bought… the followin are the probs i face… find me a permanent sol pl…

1.wen i play dvd audio… i hear a noise which generally occurs wit a scratched disk
2. and the audio output is very slow… songs are literally cryin…
3. i have the same prob with dvd movies
4. at certain times… even new disks won even open or read like i’ve not inserted any disks at all
5. worst case… drive won detect even, wen i start my pc

kind note:… i’m new to this forum… so i’ve not checked any previous threads abt the same prob… kindly post again , anythin tat could really help me out… thanks in advance

Use a good player like VLC Tool.