SonyDADC SecuROM v5.00.01 - adds anti emulation

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 It has been  revealed today that SecuROM v5 has just come out of developement. Sony's message  to their customers is that their new enchanted version will aim to strike out  emulation of their...
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Who wants to start the betting at under 1 day for this being cracked and a week before it can be emulated? Place your bets now :B

“As you are probably aware, emulators are useful tools for making back-up copies of legally purchased original discs. Nevertheless, they can also be used to illegally use your software by emulating a disc copy or a virtual drive.”…so what they are saying is that you, the consumer, will be treated as a pirate until further notice…:X

they can kiss my ass,i pay for it i own it if not then maybe since we have no rights then we shouldnt buy their damn audio and cdrom ets…maybe we should stop for a couple of weeks lets see what happens to their sales,

“Please insert the original disc instead of a backup.” :r It is extra-irritating when they use the word please. Next it will be "I’m sorry Dave…I can’t do that. " D’oh!
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To me, a game backup that only runs in emulation mode is the perfect compromise to the piracy/fair-use battle. Hard(er) to give a copy to your friends and nearly impossible to sell, but you could easily use your own backup on your own computer – the very definition of fair-use. It’s just baffling that they are trying to get rid of even that now…
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a lot of hard, smart work goes into copy protection; some are ex-crackers, some are electronic engineers. the point is, that if they can put the glass-master pirates out of business, then good. if they can prevent the cracked ISOs from working, good. just don’t interfere with my gaming :d

>> […] that defeats [CURRENT VERSIONS OF] emulation software […] :B

Back to cracking the exe files instead… Thats defeated the Securom protections 100% of the times… Even if its not 1:1 copy, s long as I have my backup on CD with the crack in a crack folder Im a happy camper…

I buy all my games and software. I hate being treated like a criminal.

sounds to me liek they cant do anything about plextor premium’s ability to pwn securom, so they pick on something easier, emulation :slight_smile: good, keep those idiots busy while i 1:1 all my retails with my plex hahaha

I can’t beleive this [bs]. This only fuels online piracy with people unwrap the new protections and distribute more copies online. FLT will probably get it done first ;p then help us out with emulating it. :stuck_out_tongue: ps. nothing’s un-emulatable. nothing.

only reason i used emulated cd-roms was cause i owned the game ‘legally’ and did not feel it was neccessary to have the slow loading cumbersome cd in the drive just to ‘unlock’ the game that was already sitting there in my hd. the only time the cdrom belongs in the drive is when its contents are being installed. whats lame is that the people who pirate the shit get off scott free cause they dont even have to use an emulated rom (or rather cant) they just use the included crack and play away. do us legal owners have to revert to such methods now? :r

“the only time the cdrom belongs in the drive is when its contents are being installed.” Amen to that! :slight_smile:

Don’t buy SONY. Period. YOU finance this shit with YOUR money when you buy SONY products.

They can all go and kiss my ass. I enjoy gaming and enjoy cracked copies. Why the fuck should i go and spend £30 on a game when the friends of the net can give it to us for free. You will never ever beat us…we will come back stronger. :r