Hey I have a sony crx195e1 the damn thing worked for like 3 moths on windows xp professioanl… than i had problems with windows xp pro so i installed win2k (windowns 2000) those problems werent related to the cd-rw anyway i installed win2k and installed easy cd creator 5 and updated it to the newest update there is for easy cd creator 5 i also had nero 5 6 was not realest by then… so after i uptaded easy cd creator 5 my drive was recodnized by bios and windows and everything seemed fine but wen i put a cd inside the light goes on for like 3 seconds my computer get stuck and than the light geos off and than blinks twice more after that i tried updating the firmware (flashing the drive) didnt work and i also uninstalled easy cd creator 5 and nero than i reformated the hard drive totally and intsalled windows xp pro to see if it works there cuz last time i used it it worked on windows xp so im askin u guyz if u have some kind of a fix for that piece of shit or if u can tell me wats wrong with that fuckin burner thx alot. Bye


Try flashing it with the Lite-On 48125W firmware. Sony drives are OEM Lite-On anyway, and the Lite-On seems to be more compatible with burning software and doesn’t have the stupid Turbo-Boost shit. Read the Lite-On forum and Firmware forum for more info on how to do this.