SONY16D1 DVD-R - Made in malaysia ( good or bad? )

Well actually i buy 2 bulk of 50 dvd sony when i check with the DVD Identifier it says that it is 16D1 (ST CLASS MEDIA) but i notice that in the case it says made in malaysia and here says that sony makes their dvds in taiwan and japan so are these worst than the normal dvd sony?

I’ve only burned MIJ and MIT Sony, but Daxon–who manufactures a lot of Sony DVD media in Taiwan–also has a large manufacturing presence in Malaysia.

If Daxon’s making Sony media in Malaysia, you might want to be a bit careful. The stuff Daxon makes for Sony in Taiwan isn’t as nice as the stuff Sony manufactures themselves. Also, in my experience Daxon AZ2 coming from Taiwan is pretty decent, but the AZ2 coming from Malaysia is utter crap.

I dunno. I’d love to see some scans of burns you’ve made with MIM Sonys.

i don’t understand very well which are MIJ and MIT?, how can i know if daxon makes this dvds? tell me how to do the scans and i will do it with pleasure ( i have never make a scan on a burn dvd before), i need nero to make a scan no?

Use Nero CD-DVD Speed just click on the blue link i posted to get the newest.

i made this 2 tests:
( the speed says 8x but it make the test at 2x i don’t know why)

I don’t know if it is good or bad, can someone explain me, thanks =)

pd: how do i know if mi dvd is jit or mit?

sorry what i try to say is how do i know if mi dvd is mit or mij? in other thread they write “16X DVD-R could be TYG03 (with octagonal spacer) or SONY16D1” so my dvds are 1 - 16x so my dvds are mij no?

He-he… If the package says “Made in Japan”, then they are supposed to be made in Japan :wink: Discs with mediacode “SONY16D1”, as yours, are being made in Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia and maybe Austria. “TYG03” - only in Japan.

1st of all, what speed did you use for this burn?

Thanks for the scans. I don’t trust quality scans on Pioneer drives, but that TRT looks fine.

Negritude and a few others did some legwork in this thread on SONY16D1 discs (Great Quality branded). I don’t know whether Lead Data has a plant in Malaysia, but it seems that Daxon makes some SONY16D1 discs there.

Others might be able to tell you about your media’s initial burn quality and aging characteristics, but I sure can’t–my only experience with both MIT and MIM Daxon has been with their 8x DVD+R media DAXON AZ2. The stuff from Taiwan has held up pretty well, but some of the MIM discs have gone belly-up after only 6 months.

4x as always :slight_smile:

tropic can you explain me what trt is? so it is not safe to save important data in this dvds? i think i will try to find sony made in taiwan

Well, first of all, just to straighten it out in case you are not sure:

MIJ = Made in Japan
MII - Made in India
MIC - Made in China
MIT - Made in Taiwan

etc etc.

Now that media is made in Malaysia. I’ve never heard of media being made there. But it seems that some people have suggested which manufacturer in Malaysia it may have came from.

Your Pioneer is not really a “reliable” scanner as some have said. Basically, I would not do disc quality scans with it since it doesn’t report errors properly or consistently. You have already done a TRT (Transfer Rate Test) in your other picture. The disc was read @ 5x in the beginning and almost reached 12x by the end and there were not any slowdowns, which means the burn was somewhat decent.

For now I wouldn’t trust this media 100% for important things over long periods of time, but for non important stuff, I would still use it as long as it plays fine in DVD players and whatnot without problems :slight_smile:

For the scan:
Go to “Avanzado”, set the slider from Accuracy to Speed, and switch from 8 ECC to 1 ECC scanning interval. Then rescan and post :slight_smile:

first of all thanks cd pirate for the explanation now i undestrand it perfectly.

kg_evilboy no problem i make the test, only one thing to comment i am making these test in a ps2 game ( i burn a ps2 game in these dvd) is the same to make the test in a movie dvd or a data dvd?

here is the result changing to speed and ecc to 1:

again, is this good or bad? it is horrible to not understand the test hahaha i have to wait for you to say if the test was horrible or nice :stuck_out_tongue:

DAXON media is very inconsistent , some are great with low jitter and low PIF/PIE and some are horrible .
As everybody said : Pioneer is not a reliable scanner and even in TRT , our disc is not a full burn and bad quality media could only show its ugly face after 4GB mark :wink:

WHy is that? Isn’t D16 16X rated media? You’d probably better burn them @8X than @4X

If you were caught in “the slower the better” myth, time to wake up, it ain’t that simple, and quite often, burning at the slowest speed possible can be a very bad thing to do… because :

  1. Several manufacturers only have generic burning strategies @4X, and dedicated strategies only @ higher speeds…
  2. Some 16X media have been specifically optimized for higher burning speeds and can do poorly at very low (2.4X, 4X) speeds.

A good rule of thumb is unless you can scan (with a reliable scanner…) and compare your results at different burning speeds, burn all 16X media @8X / @12X and not slower. :wink:

well thanks i undestand what you say but to check de differences in speed i need to understand the test, can someone explain me what the test do? and how i know if the result were good or bad.

Francksoy. i burn dvd with data at 8x but movies and ps2 games at 4x and yes because i think the less the best so the ps2 can read better the dvds, the same for the dvd player but if the dvd has only imformation like videos i burn it at more speed.

You are probably mistaken on this, as I explain above maybe you’re not doing the right thing… :slight_smile:

From the numerous reports we’ve seen on this board, I think it’s safe to say that most modern burners do better @8X / 12X than @4X with 16X rated media.

The “lowest speed” thing comes from a time when most were using 4X/8X rated media and 8X burners. Things have changed. :cool:

ok perfect i will starting burning at 8x =)

I try a movie of 4.35gbs i make the test changing to speed and ecc to 1:
the dvd is a verbatim MCC 03RG20 Made in india, and the ubication is not too normal too so are verbatim made in india good or bad? or they have the same problem as sony :frowning: ( all my previous verbatim were made in taiwan )

here is the result:

IMO Verbatim Made in Taiwan have a slight edge when it comes to consistency but even the Made in India media is often better than most cheaper discs under other brands.

thanks, so can someone explain me the test results? i still don’t know if they were good or bad jajajaja. whatmust should i check, the amount of ip failures? or the score “valoracion” is the result?

The Quality Score (Valoración) says nothing as it’s just a different interpretation of the PI Failure Max.
You should first of all interpret the PIF diagram, check for high spikes (> 4) and/or clustering… :slight_smile: