SONY08D1 DVD-R same media code for Japan and Taiwan?



How can discs made in two different factories in 2 different countries have the same media code? I have a spindle of 50 made in Japan and I got another 50 pack made in Taiwan. I have not opened the Taiwan spindle yet, but I have read that they should both have the same code. I am very happy with the made in Japan discs and want to know if the Taiwan discs will perform exactly the same?


Edit: Just noticed that the Taiwan discs advertise Accucore on the package and the Japan discs don’t. Other than that they are the same UPC.


What reason would there be to prevent discs from different countries having the same media code? For instance, with Verbatim media it is possible to have the same media code (like MCC003) from Singapore, Taiwan or India. Many of the manufacturers use plants in various places to make their discs. Taiwan and Japan SONY08D1 seem to perform about the same from what I’ve seen.


Think about Sony 4x DVD+R were made with Sony MID and RicohJpn mid .There were not the same in quality these Taiwan made media .


SONY japan should be better and more consistant.
But the Taiwanese Daxon manufacturerd stuff is still good.
ALso there is made in Austria SONY media.


Both packs allow great burns. Never had problem with them. Though, I prefer Japan ones.


Some Austria made discs, maybe have differences in quality than others .This package is promoted as the “better” media . .

Available as 4/8/16x speed

Most available package is :
available as 4/8 x speed


The first package can either be from Taiwan or Singapore.
I would prefer to pick the one from Singapore. Though any of them is great.