Sony Yuden000T02 or FujiFilm Yuden000T02?



I am asking my fellow members, based on their experiences with both of these media, which one produces better quality burns??
I have 100 TY T02s and I recently supplemented them with 100 FujiFilm T02s.
As selfish as this sounds… I intended to use the TYs for my personal backups and have the FujiFilms for friends and acquaintences. I did not think that there would be a quality difference but reading various forums seem to indicate that this might be the case.
There is a sale on Sony media that has the Yuden000T02 ID and am wondering how it stacks up to the FujiFilm. FYI, I am using an NEC 3500AG with firmware 2TC.

Thanks in advance.


Fujifilm seems to have the most quality control issues but that is just from my own personal experiences and what I have read from other people.


And these experiences are with the Yuden000T02 Fujis???



i have both FUJIFILM and SONY MIJ YUDEN000 T02 media. they burn nearly identically at the 8x rated speed, but the FUJIs overspeed better (particularly at 12x) than the SONYs.


Taiyo Yuden T02 under Sony, Fuji, TDK, OEM Unbranded etc etc… they are all standard TY quality. There is no proof that one is A grade or B grade. Like other quality media or dvd burners, there is always exists a bad “batch”. If you burn a few and they are good, then most likely you will get a good spindle.


Sony +R TY gave me the best results of all media I ever used in my life, And I had a few bad batches of Fuji. The PI/PIF scan is ultra low for the Sony TY



If these are all the same discs - Official TY, Fuji Ty and Sony TY … what accounts for the difference in quality???


different batches…storage/shipping conditions…age…etc… general media variability.


Most brands should be the same quality when they role out of the factory.
So difference is mostly based on batch variaty in handling. Notice some brands do packageing themselves.
Incase of FUJI and SONY the difference on the boards could be of 2 things.
1 FUJI has told much bigger ammounts which means higher change of a bad batch.
2 FUJI does some of the packageing themselves. What if they package under worse conditions as TY themselves do ?
Because of the batch variations I would just burn a few disc’s and check the quality of them the one that works best I think should be the one to use for personell back ups.