Sony [YUDEN000 T02(000)] at Circuit City

Today my local Circuit City had plenty of Sony DVD+R 8X AccuCORE MIJ at the regular $30.00 plus price for package of 50.
CC honored this weeks BB ad and deducted an additonal $2.00 for price matching bringing total to $12.49 plus tax for 50 disks.

That really good even with the 110% price match at Staples including a 10.00 off coupon I only got them for about 11.20 for 50 so the differnece isn’t worth the gasoline.

I agree. You would have to buy a lot of disks to make it worth driving to Florida from Jersey.:bigsmile:

Seriously though, since I have been reading this forum, I found that the bad copies of my DVD back-ups were media caused and not hardware or software.
I will never buy the “cheap stuff” again unless some member has checked it out and pronounced it quality.


Thats a very smart move. Good media = good backups.

are the YUDEN000 T02(000) premium quality TY media though? Recently people were saying that they were more value-line level and not as high quality as the ‘old school’ TY Sonys or something? (I ask because it wasn’t made real clear)

The deal is that we aren’t sure about the Accucore line. It isn’t confirmed to be value line but there seem to be a few more reports of errors with them.

This is a really good deal. The pricematch was easy. Just show them the best buy ad and they ring you up. Came out to be $27.04 tax included for 2 50 packs.

That sucks, oh well I guess they’re still good enough. Maybe the accucore means they’ll last longer than the old Sony TYs though

I’ve had great success with the Sony TYs. I’ve burned a couple of spindles and have been very happy. The Fuji TYs I burned weren’t nearly as good.

I will second that. They are my favorite media, MCC004 second.

I told you guys to buy up the Burnmaster TY T02s when they were $30 per 100. Now you have to scramble around and deal with tax. The biggest mistake they made was discontining them. :sad:

@ Chas0039: Last week when Best Buy had them on sale I 110% pricematched them at Staples and got 100 for 22.67 Tax included. They burn great, all this talk about the new Accucore branded Sonys is bull, I get great burns with them as I got with the older ones, my problem was I needed a new ide cable, I bought a new 18" 40 pin 80 conductor cable and now my burns are all awesome.

i have to agree with alan. i see no differnce between the accucore branded and non-accucore branded sony ty’s. they are my favorite media, bar none. i have 400 of them now and will try a stock up again tomorrow.

You are like me, I don’t even know what I will do with 15 spindles of media but I had to buy them, I have enough media for years and I will probably buy some more tommorrrow also. Its a sickness, mediaitis. I’ve got it bad.

Well you beat my Burnmaster deal so I guess you win. Just remember, unburned media has a rather short shelf life, somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 years.

@chas0039: I still have 2X media from 1998 that burns great, I was going to throw them away but I found a way to make them burn at 4x so I am using them up, they seem fine. Why would burned media last 100 years ( Taiyo Yuden ) and unburned last 3 years, I believe you but I just don’t understand.

The upper limit was 7 years. I am glad to hear you are getting longer as I have a big stockpile as well. Thanks.

I have about 500 of the Fuji tri-colored Yudens that came in 30 packs ( 3 different colors ) that I am saving for a time when I can reburn alot of my collection and use the colors to specify genre. I really hope they don’t go bad.

I guess I wasn’t the only one to stockpile the MIJ tri-color Fuji 30 packs from Staples.
I have almost 300 of them saved for a rainy day. They seem to burn about as well as the Sony MIJ 8x discs plus the 3 little storage containers are great. I like to put burned cds
in them for car use. You can fit 12-13 cds in them.

this is one of the best ideas i’ve heard in a while! i have a few empty 10-pack spindles and cds strewn ALL over my car.

i take awful care of the cds in my car (hence why i back everything up! toss around the backups then when it stops working make a new one :))