Sony XCP uninstaller a greater security risk than rootkit?

I just posted the article Sony XCP uninstaller a greater security risk than rootkit?.

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a comment by member heystoopid in another article, we can read now that the Freedom-to-Tinker website has discovered another reason why Sony is so anxious to pull their …

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The thing that gets to me is all these articles that refer to it as an uninstaller. From everything I’ve seen all it does is unhide the DRM, it doesn’t uninstall it.

I guess this is what occurs when when your business mantra is “minimum outlay for maximum gain”…how unprofessional…how sloppy!! sad really…:X

From all the music i got from p2p, i never ever got someting even remotely as dangerous as that infamous sony rootkit. So for savety reasons i encourage everybody in my country to dowload music and not to buy it. (downloading music is legal in my country). mmmm i wonder how other record companies “protect” their cd’s.

I assume, by your name, that you are Dutch or Flemish. Downloading music files you haven’t purchased first is illegal in both Belgium and The Netherlands. So, of course I wonder from which country you actually are.