Sony writer



A friend of mine is considering to buy a Sony 8X IDE writer. What do you guys think of thiz drive? I don't like it because Sony CDR drives are said to be not really good and especially because it is an IDE.......
Do you agree???
I think he should go for Plextor and SCSI!


i have an crx 120e and works find i do overburns and burn on 80min cds and it all works fine to me. if i had the dough i would go scsi and plextor


I had a sony once and it worked fine. I must admit it was a SCSI but I guess the IDE should be ok too. However it did need cleaning regularly.



But SCSI is always better!



Jep I know… had an IDE once… I’ll never have an IDE again… I’m sure!
SCSI just kix azz!!