Sony writer



hey all, just thinking on buying a new cd writer, wat do uz think of the sony crx1611 (16x10x40) writer? is it good for copying protected games such as psx ones? im considering this as it is a real good price here (NZ)



According to cnn/idg :

The Sony CRX1611/82U ranks as an adequate overall performer–in spite of its sluggish times installing Microsoft Office and writing CD-R to an image. As a bonus, it includes back-up software, making it a good choice for data backup tasks.

According to a google cache’d Pc world :

Ranks as a good overall performer–in spite of its sluggish times for installing Office and writing an image to CD-R. Bonus: Includes backup software.

hmm … i sense a pattern here :slight_smile:

According to CloneCd :

Best Write Mode : RAW-DAO 96
No EFM encoding of regular bit patterns
Best read mode data RAW+96
Best read mode audio RAW+96

Some Lite-On’s are better , but it’s your choice.