Sony Won't play!

I am new to forums and would appreciate any help/Guidance.
I am 66 and retired from the steel industry I have been into Hi-Fi for 50 yrs or so.Iam now putting my vinyls onto cd to play on a sony dav s300 dvd/cd surround sound system vintage 2001. The dav s300 plays almost any dvd I throw at it, +/- R/RW /DL and the results are pretty good. IT WILL NOT PLAY ANY cd-r/rw. I am using Nero 6 and an NEC 3540a burner. Sony are no help at all “It is not designed to play recorded cd’s” and that is that!!
I have read that Princo Silver/blue cd-r will play but these are no longer available anyway. Is it down to dyes and reflectivity or are we talking about bit mastering the lead in etc.
Can anyone help ???
ThanksVic Holt

Welcome Vic,

I moved your thread from the Copy Protection List forum so you’ll hopefully get some answers solving your problem.