Sony wins PlayStation mod-chip sales ban in Australia



I just posted the article Sony wins PlayStation mod-chip sales ban in Australia.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that a few days ago Sony has won a legal battle in Australia making the sale of mod-chips (a chip which, simply said, makes it…

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Following the latest ruling, it is still legal for Australians to own mod-chips, but it is illegal to sell mod-chips to Australians ------------ Huh? So only existing users are legal?


Like I said, they’re going about this the wrong way. Copy protection maybe but if I sold a game console I would ship a development kit for the PC with it. Like a real one where you make real games. Not some basic interperter. I mean a real C++ compiler game dev kit. Then after the software I sold for the system got old, I would release the source so people could modify their old favorties and keep my system alive. basically what the PC is, but no huge operating system to deal with and some games, like fighting games, are better played on the console. Programmers would buy my system to program, consumers would buy it to play what the programmers program. I would find a way to let people back up their stuff. I wouldn’t be so concered with locking technology down.
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