Sony wins case: Playstation 2 Mods ruled illegal in the UK



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 The    UK    's  recent EUCD implementation  has been put  to use for the first time when Sony used it to win a case against David Ball, a  UK citizen for selling Playstation2 mod...
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How about the right of making a backup of your own propety? I think Sony and Microsoft need to release games world wide so people at least dont need a modchip for that.


“Italy ruled that consumers have the right to make modifications to their purchased hardware.” I think this is right u have payed good money for this bit of hardware u should be able to do what u want to it.


yep, after purchase its YOUR hardware. do what you want. and if you blow the installation of the chip you have to get a new ps2. think about that, sony :wink:


@ theEye If Sony wanted people to buy more PS2’s over the years they would encourage modding since it lowers the lifetime of your system’s Lens. It’s the games they want you buying, that’s where their cash flow comes in big.


"How about the right of making a backup of your own propety? " This has unfortunately never been a part of UK law. We have no right to backup anything for personal use - a blind eye has been turned for years for copies used in the car etc etc p.s I don’t agree with how the law stands :wink:


yay, my thing has been posted yay. i am sick of UK copyright law, if sony dont want mod chips then they should make all games for all reagons and then people wouldnt have an excuse. people will still use mod chips anyway. but at least they wont get executed like those in china or tiawan, or the us if the riaa gets its way :g


As far as I know this was a CIVIL case NOT crminal so you cannot be prosecuted for posessing or chipping your ps2. This case involved a former chip designer I believe w3ho then was employed by sony and taped conversations against the accused and these conversations were used by sony in court. UK law states in any criminal prosecution the sony employee would have had to say the conversation was being recorded,civilians cannot become undercover cops so their covert taped telephone conversations would be inadmissable. However no doubt sony greases the judges palms on this one. There is one law in each country for its people and anothe for the big names,there is no such thing as equal justice for all,the more money you have the more laws you can buy in your favour.


Sadd to see. Charlie_PS2 got out too late. He has been in the PS2 scene for a long long time. I hoe they dont throw the book at him.:c


This case is a perfect example of integrated control of “intellectual property.” The region setup of movies, games and media will not change unless drastic measures are taken. In the end, it is all about the benjamins, no real other intent. I agree about greasing the hands of high officials, some do like that grease. Undoubtedly sony is a huge corporation; thus, it must have it’s hands in everybody’s cookie jar.:B