Sony went way overboard with its use of rootkits in its DRM

I just posted the article Sony went way overboard with its use of rootkits in its DRM.

 Just a few days after the announcement of Sony using  rootkits DRM on its CDs, a short while ago, Sony finally released a patch to hide  its rootkits DRM,  yet it will be still present on the...
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SONY has been going downhill for a number of years in both hardware and software. SONY’s conduct in placing malware on audio CDs is outrageous! It shows how this company has complete disregard for legimate CD buyers and rewards their honesty with loading software on their PC that is harmful. This action should be met with the public showing its contempt for SONY by not purchasing ANY hardware or software from them in the future.

Oh my friend how wrong you are.(You are correct with your points but wrong on your conclusion)White Males who populate this any many other sites and the Internet in whole are salivating at the thought of purchasing this baby for $500 or more (Which will of course contain Sony’s best “Stuff” or" tricks"shall we call it) and if when they can afford it they will Purchase The Blu-Ray Player which Hollywood loves because of it’s protection

When it’s released the sales figures that will be Posted should prove this(or Disprove Hopefully)on the Player it will most certainly take time.(People no matter how excited about a Product can’t afford to pay $1,000 for it sometimes)

I stopped buying SONY products a while back. The only way to stop these companies is too stop buying there products. SONY went way too far with this and should be held accountable for there actions. Where are all the LAWYERS & POLITICIANS? Bought & Paid for!

I’m pretty surprised that the community hasn’t DoS’d/hacked Sony and/or First 4 Internet in retaliation. Bottom line it’s wrong, they know it is and all the back-pedaling/spinning in the world isn’t going to help them out. Any bets on how soon we see a class action suit in multiple countries.

Time for the class action law suit California style, since New York State laws cut no ice way down in LA, any half decent lawyer can spin this one up to to the range of five to ten billion dollars or so, for SONY BMG stepped well and truly over the line with this illegal act of trespass and intrusion. But alas, if SONY BMG lose, every recording artist on their list worldwide, will be forced to pay big time on this debacle, from their miserable average of 92 cents per cd royalty payment(probably up the anti from an average of 18 months to 36 months for first payment due!) Oh well, looks like a no win deal for everyone(think of the trouble all virii writers will make of using windows 32 bit registry security feature of permanently hiding a certain class of files!). But then again, most if not all recording artists, will think twice about signing up with Sony BMG after this rip off!

I don’t get what all the fuss is about? Sony are sending you all a clear message, if you want your computer and music to work fine just go back to your good old p2p :d

They basically went with it to see if they could get away with it. If no one had bitched, they would have kept right on implementing it. This is just like the last global war; if England hadn’t gotten up and said “STOP!”, we would all be wearing jackboots and black armbands as formal attire. And yes, the comparison to Nazis was quite intentional.

There’s one question that I keep asking myself: Why would anyone even consider buying any more of that crap? Audio CDs are obsolete anyway, and these types of issues will only help convince those few that weren’t aware of the fact just yet. I stopped buying CDs when the copy-protection nonsense began, and I haven’t had any regrets whatsoever ever since.

Quite interesting to read luvr opinion about audio Cds being obsolete: just at the point these guys want you to be - dematerialize music sales, saving on pressing. labeling, packing, distribution and…driving you to buy downloaded files with all the crap they want to put in (including DRM you don’t know how it works) and leaving you only with the right to listen to it, under the conditions they want…at the price of the “old” CDs or higher, depending on the “value” they decide the stuff has… Fine, just fine for them. And, about sound quality? Do these downloaded files have got it as CDs? I will not argue on that - just an easy suggestion: try out and listen to them using a good Hi-Fi system…and than come back with your opinion. By the way, if you realize the sound it is not as good as you though before, don’t bother to come back!!! I’ll not expect you to come anyway.

I too believe that the way from stopping companies that have turned crappy like Sony is to not support them by not purchasing their products. Unfortunately, even if it’s just the pirates/hackers/crackes/RE’s that buy units of BluRay players for example, the company is still generating revenue :r …Kind of ironic if you think about it. The very people that are trying hard to get around these protections are the ones supporting the company. Unless of course physical units get ahhhem ‘relieved’ from the company’s possession, like 10+ XBOX 360’s did in germany. You can be rest assured that those guys over there are already busy looking at the insides of the new console, and ummm making it ‘backwards compatible’ for the rest of us. It would be nice if the general public could keep their equally greedy little fingers off new technology until it has been purged so to speak of the badness that is DRM and other such shiait! And once it is clean, or there are available fixes or workarounds, then people could buy them and not update with firmware or patches that put the crap back on there. Just like what happened with DVD Decrypter, and what happened with region free DVD players, and DVD players that would play DivX or XviD encoded .avi’s directly. So I suspect it’s only a matter of time before this is another laughable issue, but what’s really going to suck is once hardware based DRM gets here, and it’s just around the corner. I guess SONY just doesn’t get it. People are fed up with their shinanigans, and they punish the legit user/buyer by cramming more fin% DRM sit down their throats. Sad sony…very sad
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“even if it’s just the pirates/hackers/crackes/RE’s that buy units of BluRay players for example, the company is still generating revenue” A company the size fo Sony would have rediculous amount of costs before launching their Blu-Ray drive in North America, possibily into the billions. Sony will need more than a few percent of people buying the blu-ray drives to make it’s money back. But I don’t blame Sony’s tech divisioin for this mess. Remember that Sony’s left hand is making DVD-Burners, mp3players etc, while Sony’s right hand produces multimedia content. Quite a conflict of interest there :d

hate to state the obvious or repeat an often-mentioned cliche, but vote with your wallets, people. That’s the only thing that stops these abuses. Putting money over the counter is just like saying “yes please, I approve”. They ONLY stop when the money stops flowing. All corporations change when the investors realise this company (or its directors) suck and the public’s perception of a company and its products have changed. Money’s the only thing they worship and the lack of it is the only thing that will make them re-think things. Why change when the money’s pouring in? Why change when there’s no bad PR affecting the flow of income? No incentive at all. It’s quite simple really. We can bring ALL (consumer AND artist) abuses to an end if we had an informed buying public less willing to hand over the currency for this stuff. Just think about that next time you’re in the shop. If you feel you NEED to buy their garbage, buy it SECOND-HAND (so they don’t benefit from repeat purchases). That is all.

I agree with what cynicalbastard says. The only way to force these companies to change their behviour is to him them where it hurts - the bottom line (Sales). Unfortunately, there are too many brainwashed sheep out there that refuse to boycott purchases of products for which the companies are screwing them over. Too many idiots will continue to put up with the crap from these companies because they fail to comprehend how they are being stuffed around or are just simply too lazy to effect change.