Sony warns Belgacom client about MP3s

I just posted the article Sony warns Belgacom client about MP3s….

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Belgacom (Belgiums #1 phone company)…

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Sony is pissed big time this time

see this is why i like the usa. that would not have been legal for a company to do with out having the government involved and getting a search warrent, and that would probebly not have happend over here. we might not have a good soccer team or legal soft drugs. but we have Mcdonalds $.99 menu and good pizza, but above all, the right to privacy.

if that is true, I know a hole heap of people who are in trobble. Why don’t they grant us some privacy???
Belgacom is the only option we got (except for mobile phones) I think a law suit is knocking.

God know what they will do tommorow.

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isnt it illegal to trace somebody (without him knowing it) if they can see it through napster, they have to monitor it somehow, so maybe that Belgium guy was downloading it from one of their servers, and that is making that belgium guy ‘commit a crime’ so i dont know if microsuck was doing legal things by tracing him… maybe he can sue them and ask,… ehh something like a few million $ smartmoney

Come on sorcerer6, what the hell has your Url to do with this discussion? If you have nothing interesting to say about this article, then don’t post anything at all.
By the way, help is on the way for the Dutch people, Telenet (surfing through cable) is on the move and will cover Belgium entirely in 2002 so, we don’t have to obey those moneywolves of Belgacom anymore.

In Belgie weten ze niet wat ze willen !!!
Aand de ene kant verbieden ze om mp3’s te downloaden en aan de andere kant zou een politiekster ( Margriet Hermans ) zelf haar mp3’s aanbieden via het net.

Wat willen ze hier nu nog feitelijk ???

I live also in Belgium

I am also a Belgacom client and all that is said is true.

I was discussing this with their postmaster, why they didn`t have “” on their newsserver: he admitted they had a special arrangement with ifpi (riaa) to give up all their users.

In belgium many people get notices to stop using napster, and this is because Belgacom systematically logs all napster users and gives them up to ifpi.

You are considered a criminal before being convicted and mp3s must all be illegal to them. They do not consider that there are legal mp3s at all. When you ask ifpi, they tell you they are pro-mp3, but then they send you a letter to cease and desist, or we will procecute you…

Belgacom are pigs, and they don`t give shit for your privacy.

Rasta: Belgacom is NOT the only option you got, they are speaking of Belgacom as an ISP not as a phonecompany. It’s the ISP that gives you your IP-number, only they know who is connected to this number.

Wel Everyone who gets caught is just a fool.
They know it’s illegal , so use protection .
Never heard of IPtranslation or using a proxy.
Then again who uses napster to get MP3. Leeching pub FTP’s is a lot more fun and alot faster

Bottomline if u get caught it’s because u were stupid enough to let them trace u.


Klak, you are full of shit. Nor Iptranslation nor proxies can help you being detected by ur ISP. They log what you do from the ip they gave u.

And you think you don’t get logged when downloading from a ftp site??

Luckily i don’t know you, or I would headbutt you!



I live in Belgium and I must say I hate Belgacom…even more than Bill Gates. Belgacom is still a monopolist where I live (no telenet yet).I have to pay the highest bills in the world for our communication. Its about time somebody sues them

Who gives a fuck 4 this bullshit? Belgium…nice country!!!|__ |_| |__ !!!

Now you know why I love Telenet !

Belgacom is not an entire monoply anymore since Telenet got in business, if every city will have the Galsfibre cabesl of Telenet under them ppl will have 2 options as telephone company, most big citys, have it already

I live in Belgium. I must say that I’m in luck now that i have telenet(glasfibre). They let you download mp3 from through napster but they don’t let you share your file’s with anyone else and this pisses me off. I can download but I can’t send to someone else at the same time. Then they hook you off for 2-3 days from the net. Fuck Belgacom and telenet for trying to control us.

Stop wanking and keep downloading!

  1. Everybody knows that MP3’s
    are illegal
  2. Everybody know’s that
    napster is tricky to use.
  4. Do you really think that
    Belgacom is the only one ??