Sony Walkman NWZ....Video Converter?

So now that Christmas is over and things are settling down time to get DVD Fab, etc., working with new toys.

Have very nice and quite flexible Sony Walkman for Xmas gift. Have used DVD Fab to make files with the Sony software then converts on its way to the Walkman. Works. Clunky and slow.

Have not purchased DVD Video Converter piece. Just playing with the built-in video conversion options in DVD Fab. I’d like to hear more about the Vide Converter software piece. Anyone using it? Using it for a Walkman? Any one built a Walkman profile they’d like to share?

Video converter is to convert mp4 to wmv or other selections so if you not have files like that to convert to a format the Sony Walkman will play then the DVDFab DVD Ripper is all you will need. But the Video converter has worked just fine for the test trials I have used it for.

Thanks for posting. The Sony software converts stuff to wmv if you use Windows Explorer. Takes a while. I do not understand why the Sony Walkman doesn’t support mp4 directly. Converts everything to WMV. Playing with video transfer at the moment to see if its faster taking the mp4 to wmv and then directly move video file to the Walkman video folder.

Sony was and is always proprietary…

True. But having a Sony Walkman that can’t use video files that work on a Sony PS3 or a Sony PSP seems to me to not fall under the category of proprietary. The Walkman uses WMV files.

Getting things ironed out. Make mp4 and then use Windows Explorer to move the file to the Video folder on my NWZ-E354. While moving whatever software the NWZ installed that does the auto conversion, converts the file to a wmv that the Walkman recognizes.

Did not like any of the wmv files I made with DVD Fab regardless of the profile, options, etc.

The NWZ-Exxx is looking for something in particular regarding the file, video size, etc., that I have not figured out if I make my own WMV file in DVD Fab. As long as its working transferring mp4’s, I’m good.

I’m not watching videos on the Walkman per se. Just want to understand how it works.

Wish there was a Walkman profile. I do not see one on the Video Conversion/Transfer piece either.