Sony W-series RAM upgrade

I have a Sony Vaio W22M1E which runs really slowly. I was hoping that adding a bit more RAM should improve things a bit. I’ve got a stick of memory from another Sony laptop, FZ11S and I was wondering if it would fit mine. They both are DDR2. Are there any other specs that determine if the motherboard will accept the RAM stick?

I googled “Sony Vaio W22M1E” and found this [PDF link to a User’s Manual.](http://Sony Vaio W22M1E) I don’t know if this will have an installation section in it (some computers have one stick of memory on the back, another under the keyboard (ugh).

Opening up the back and seeing if the RAM stick model-numbers match may be the best info for you.

Sadly, that Google Search’s first page didn’t get me to any useful Sony tech sites, I note.

“More RAM” is indeed one ingredient to a faster computer and, as you suspect, “more [B]Correct[/B] RAM” is the right ingredient.

It looks like Sony makes it difficult to find it’s tech manuals, so I hope that User Manual comes in handy.

(You might try selling websites - NewEgg sells memory for notebooks, and their website might offer the specs; these would have originated from Sony.)

Also, memory sticks will have a Speed Rating - “333” or “533”, “400” or some numeric value. You might see if those match, OR if you can locate your current RAM, post both sticks’ model numbers here.

The acid test for memory is unplugging the Old Memory and remove it completely, and then install one stick of the ‘new’ memory and see if the computer boots up. THEN go back and add Old Memory and see if the computer will recognize both.

If these are mismatched speed, computers tend to slow down the Fast Memory and only use the slower speed for all operations. So, you may be throwing an anchor and dragging it along instead of speeding up the computer.

Specs for the PCV-W22M1E (if link doesn’t work, search Sony’s European eSupport site for the model number):

Specs for the VGN-FZ11S (this time on’s support site):

Crucial Memory Advisor for the W22M1E:

Same for the FZ11 series (assume the FZ11S falls under that umbrella):

It seems that the max for both systems is 2GB, but in one system that maximum is achieved using one stick (2 GB max), while in the other, the maximum is achieved using a pair of sticks (each 1 GB max). As the memory advisor states, the FZ11 is maxed out using the two sticks, which would be of no benefit to the single-slot W22M1E. From my understanding, that means you would have to buy 2GB, DDR2 PC2-6400 OR DDR2 PC2-5300, non-ECC, SoDIMM memory (not the full-sized DIMM for desktops), according to the memory advisor.

Someone please double check me on my research. :flower:

@ChristineBCW Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I got stuck while unscrewing the bolts - I can’t take the keyboard out and the RAM is located right under it. I watched a video on Youtube where they disassemble another model from the W-series but there are some differences. I couldn’t find a service manual, either, so I guess I’ll have to take the laptop to a local service centre.

@Albert Yeah, thanks. My friend who gave me his dead FZ11S seems to have got it wrong - he told me it was one 2GB stick. Anyway, I’ll order a new one.

Just curious - what’s the difference between PC2-5300 and PC2-6400? I noticed the FSB speed is 667 and 800MHz respectively but those are probably different specs?