Sony Vs Plextor writer




I was set to buy the Sony DRU-510A DVD writer until I saw the Plextor PX-708A.
Now a have a dilemma which one to get. I like the 40xCD-R capability of the Plextor (as I burn a lot of CD-R disks). Both of them have 4xDVD-R and the Plextor one has 8xDVD+R (although this is not an issue for me as I will be using DVD-R media).
Any of you guys have any experience with the Plextor PX-708A model?



I have two DVD burners…The Sony DRU-500a and now the Plextor PX-708A. Both are GREAT! The DRU-500A is a solid as a rock burner…as is my Plextor. If you check the forums here and there are some issues with the DRU-510A and reliability. Figure it this way…for $20 more…you get the Plextor drive…which comes with the ability to burn DVD+R at 8X AND the ability to burn CD-R at 40X and CD-RW at 24X. Believe me…for the little bit extra…it is well worth it. In addition…I have had great experiences with Plextor’s tech support…just called to inquire and they were great.