Sony vs LiteOn

What is better - Sony DWD22A or LiteOn?

The Sony is not really a Sony, it’s a LiteON branded as Sony. So it should answer your question pretty easily. :wink: Check this thread which should answer all your questions.

It is clear. But what drive I should buy??

The cheapest one…

Lite-On SOHW-1633s updated with BS0S firmware today.

Burn process starts… stuck at 1% for 4:32… buffer ready box empty… burn process failed… illegal disc… tried numerous brands of -r & -rw… same result every time…

Stop your crossposting now, this is at least the 7th thread where you post the same stuff in a few minutes :a . This unfriendly action does not increase your chance to get a solution of your problem. Read the sticky posting guidelines thread at the top of this forum.

I apologize… I thought it would increase my chances of getting my problem solved quickly…

just try another firmware

I would go for the Lite-On personally, even thought the Sony is re-branded, there have been some people saying the Sony use poorer quality parts, I dont think this is true, but it seems simpler to go for the Lite-On just in case, but as people have said, it doesnt really matter.

Ben :slight_smile:

This might not be relevant, but I opened up my LiteOn SOHW-812S and inside the component board was SONY :confused: So does Sony use LiteOn, or does LiteOn use Sony :confused: Does it matter :wink:

They (Sony & LiteOn) both are the same drive. LitOn manufactures the DVD drive for both LiteOn and Sony. As you found out Sony did the DESIGN work on the printed circuit board…