Sony vs. Channel Technology... Sony wins

I just posted the article Sony vs. Channel Technology… Sony wins.

Remember this newsposting last year? Probably not but it mentiones Sony wanting to sue companies like Channel Technologies, creator of the Messiah mod-chip. Mod-chips modify the Sony PlayStation 2…

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Sucks but there will be new chips watch me its somting where miljoins of dollars going around result : the organised crime will be on it more then ever becuase there is a damen for it so some is going to deliver the need :4

Sony already lost 'cause there is plenty of clones outside there. :4 Elvis, Phoenix and many more are coming to kick Sony’s asses! :d :8

Good for Sony… At least that’s a justice being done.

Quote: “as nobody would obviously pay £25-45 for a game” Got that right. Thats what made the PSX in the first place.