Sony VRD-VC20 Won't Record, VRD-VC10 will. WTF?

Hopefully someone here can help me with this. To make a short story long :doh: I purchased a Sony VRD-VC20 last week in hopes of transferring shows off my Tivo because a: my kids watch rhem all the time, and b: we are replacing this unit with a HDTivo. A buddy at work has the VRD-VC10 that he uses to do this all the time. So I get the unit and some shows seem to be protected while most others are not. When paused, record works untill I press play on the Tivo and it shuts the DVD recorder off. So last night my work buddy brings his older unit for me to try and it works with everything I was unable to record using the newer unit.

I came here looking for hopefully another firmware for my newer unit to possibly downgrade to the VRD-VC10 firmware or possibly there is something else I can do. I’m not real hip with buying any of the MV disabling devices simply because they cost over half of the burner cost and I believe it would be simpler to disable the CP crap in the unit itself. Has anyone else dealt with this and what did you do?


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I have the same unit, the same need, and the same problem… help someone!
The only potential solution I’ve found thus far is an inline composite video device that removes macrovision, but it was like $70. Seems ridiculous not to have an override on the device, since I’m not doing anything illegal with it.

The device I found is actually $89… anyone have any experience with this?