Sony VRD-VC10: Questions About & Problems With



So, I have a Sony VRD-VC10 and I have a couple things to address…

First, when I successfully record a disc in stand alone mode (finalized and working), I have trouble moving the vob’s to my pc… Meaning that if I try to copy the vobs straight up, the first vob is corrupted and crashes powerDVD, yet all the others are fine… If I try to open this vob in v-dub for editing, I get an error and it dosn’t open… If I use DVD Decrypter, same results… BUT when I use dvd shrink (set to not compress) i get a good first vob! What gives here? Any ideas?

Oh, my pc is running an LG (for sure) gsa-4163B (I think thats the model). I recently updated the firmware a couple months back to the latest version, of which I don’t remember the version #…

Also, I know for a fact the VRD is running a sony dru-710A (I know this as I replaced the drive itself with the same model when it failed recently). I have no clue what firmware though…

Second… I have a “slightly” corrupted dvd recorded on this VRD. It plays, but freezes toward the end of the recording. I rip it, and the 4th and 5th vobs are corrupt (the tail end of the disc). It screwed up during recording or finalizing I suspect, whatever. What I want is the first vob only… yet I get the same problem described above but with a hitch: DVD Shrink hates this disc, telling me it has an “invalid DVD navigation structure”. So, the first vob is “ok” but my only method of extracting it is lost since dvd shrink doesn’t like the disc… Anyone have suggestions? I bet if problem 1 was solved, this problem wouldn’t be a problem.

Ok, so now I’m also interested in getting the most out of this thing as possible… Anyone know of any “hacks”? Seems some things were mentioned in This thread related to allowing it to use dvd- discs in stand alone mode, if i’m reading it correctly… And, I’m also wondering if other makes and models of dvd burner will function in ths unit…

Any help is greatly appreciated! I have googled the hell out of these issues and found next to nill so here I am!


One more thing… :slight_smile: The thread referenced in my post above mentions making the drive 6x instead of 8x… Does thi make sense? Is it practical? I get more then enough faliures with DL DVD’s and wonder if this could make for a better success rate.


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