Sony VRD-VC10 = Lite-Ons?

Is the Sony VRD-VC10 a lite-on drive?
If so, is the firmware patchable?
And if so, where can i get the firmware?

It appears so. Someone with the Sony DVDDirect was able to dump the firmware, and it was BY03, which is a DRU-710A firmware. If this is so, it would mean that this drive should be just as patchable as any other LiteOn 3S DVD writer.

This is the thread where this was mentioned: [thread]119378[/thread]

As for how you’d flash or dump the firmware, I’m not sure how you’d do that exactly, but my best guess is that you’d connect it to a computer, and when connected, it would be recognized by the computer as an external DRU-710A.

@ Nuke

The Sony VRD-VC10 is a external 710A like code said. When I first used the drive it saw it as a 710A with the BY03 FW. When you use it in stand alone mode it only accepts PLUS media. So the first burn I tired showed the media as PLUS R so bitsetting is not supported. So the first thing I did was backup the FW and then I used the new OMNI to enable bitsetting on BY03. Re flashed the drive and tired burning again and it finally read as a DVD-ROM. So I played with all the firmwares and I found out that BY01 gave the best results in stand alone mode. I also had to speed hack the MCC 003 code to 6x max instead of 8x max for better results. The new BX FW does not support bitsetting so I did not use it.

@ code65536

Find anything interesting in the BY03 FW?

Thanks again!

It was built in mid-October, so it’s fairly old. There’s nothing special about it. I asked for it mostly because Sony had never released it and nobody had ever dumped it, so it wasn’t publicly available until you had dumped it. :wink:

sorry to piggyback this was the only site i seen talking about the vrd-vc10 im haveing the same issues with mine on xp. It has worked fine until the other day had a windows update and now it doesnt want to burn cd-rs only burns dvds and plays using nero 7 and when i try to burn a cd it just says to insert a writeable disc.ive gone to the sony site and updated the frmware and drivers with no success. has there been a fix for this or is my gently used vrd-vc10 just never going to burn cds:a