Sony VGC-RB40 in need here



I need the firmware for my Vaio. In Adobe it says it is a DW-D2 burner. It is a VGC-RB40 vaio from sony.
Anyone know of where to go/


I’m sure you need to ask Sony, its sony oem then.
Why do you “need” firmware? The drive already has firmware on it…


I wasn’t really told really suggested I might be missing it. If you think about it, my burner just stop out of the blue. I am not too sure of how to do system restore. I know I can do a system reformat. But a small turn to the past like a system restore would help.


Try to clean the drive first.


I have VGC-RB40 and while replacing my PS. 2 cables unplugged.
1 grey single inline r/w/g/bk/closed
1 Black double conn 10 pin w one closed.
I can only find 2 10 pin -1 places to connect. Sony won’t tell me. If anyone can look I will appreciate it