Sony Vegas Movie Studio

I’m having trouble making a DVD of my movie project. I can make a CD, but it won’t play in my DVD. Says the file is too large and I need to do something with rendering. Can anyone help?

Welcome to the forums roparso.

I doubt you will get much help with the little bit of information you have offered. We’ll need more details.

What type of video are you starting with? Is this home made footage from a camcorder? What format is it in?

What is the length of the video you are making in terms of playing time?

I don’t know of anyone who regularly posts here who uses Sony Vegas Movie Studio, but there are several who use similar programs. Give us a step by step outline of what you have tried.

It’s a movie project I created in the Sony Movie Studio Software. It comes from a digital Cam Corder movie plus some digital pictures I’ve inserted. The movie length is approx. 50 min. I’ve tried following all thier directions to get my movie but I keep getting the error message Estimated File Size it too large for the CDR Try changing render settings or larger capacity CDR. I don’t think the file is too large to burn it to a DVD.

Sounds like you are trying to create it in the wrong format. You tell us it is telling you it is trying to go to a CDR, yet you are trying to burn to DVD. Somewhere you are not properly providing the correct information to the program.