Sony Vegas Book of Tips/Advice

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My first post so hello to everyone. I have just bought Vegas Movie Platinum and I’m enjoying it but realise that I’m not getting the best out of it. I live in Australia and have been looking in the stores for a book about working with Sony Vegas, and I can’t find anything although I have found books for other software platforms.

Can anyone suggest a book (or 2) that isn’t to expensive as I wll more than likely have to order from the internet and pay in Sterling or US Dollars.

Thanks for your help

BOX CONTENTS: Vegas Movie Studio+DVD Platinum 7.0 software, DVD Architect Studio 4.0 software, Vegas Movie Studio training DVD by VASST, NewBlue VideoFX MSP, 1001 Sound Effects CD, Quick start manual, Online help.
You sure you have the complete package?

Amazon has plenty of books about vegas. Doesn’t Amazon ship to Aussie land?

Have a look here:

Apart from the info you can read there it may be the right place to ask for a sound book on the subject.

Hi to all. This I guess is a response to the thread and a question.

  1. I recently bought Vegas Movie Studio and a reasonable book titled “Instant Vegas Movie studio+DVD” from VASST training or Amazon

  2. Question. I have upgraded from my Nero software that came with my HP DVD 840E WRITER to the Sony Vegas Platinum software. The software seems to be working fine and I have constructed a few projects. I cant for the life of me get the project to burn to DVD.

When burning the system returns an error message.

IOCTL Error your interface or drive may be configured incorrectly.

I have removed the Nero software from the system. Removed and re-installed the drivers, reconfigured projects but still get the same error.

Can anyone help or do I need to chnage my writer.

Thanks for your help

Start by checking to see if your dvd burner is in dma mode. Control Panel/System/Hardware/Device Manager, then go to your IDE Controllers, and select properties, and then Advanced. Your CURRENT TRANSFER MODE should me Ultra DMA. If it is PIO, you need to uninstall your IDE, and reboot and let Windows autodetect.

If that isn’t the problem, then you need to look and see if your hard drive is using NTSC. Video work doesn’t like FAT32 very well.